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Livingstone Tanzania Trust

About Livingstone Tanzania Trust
We live in a world where wealth and waste exist alongside extreme poverty. It does not have to be this way. Nelson Mandela called extreme poverty a “crime against humanity”. Let us all be crime fighters. Together we can make a difference. 

Education is a fundamental part of the solving poverty and the Livingstone Tanzania Trust has, in collaboration with the community, designed a variety of programs that are having a positive sustainable impact on the local community which we then share with other communities so that they too can benefit from the work we are doing.We support children and adults alike, helping them gain the knowledge and the skills they need to work their own way out of poverty and live a full life.Our strategy is to:-

1. Improve the educational environment in schools by repairing building, reducing class sizes and improving teacher resources, skills and knowledge

2. Improve the health of the community through education and diet

3. Develop sustainable sources of income for the schools and communities for them to become self reliant and ensure project sustainability.

Your donations can fund teacher training programmes, building new classrooms, buying books for a school library, planting fruit trees at the schools; teaching the community how to run small businesses and providing set up loans, digging water wells for schools that have no water, training farmers how to farm fish , the list goes on. 

None of this can be done without your fantastic support. It was a Buddhist monk who once said that "Kindness is the courage to care". On behalf of all of those people who benefit from your actions we thank for your generosity and we are grateful for your courage.

Simon's Fundraising Story

People who know me will realise that the only way I can raise money for charity is by doing something that both they and I know will be a real challenge. Everyone is watching the pennies, and charity fatigue is prevalent, so in order to make it seem worthwhile we have to do something a little more extreme each time. This time I am intending to cycle (with some buddies) from London to Paris in under 24 hours. I will be 49 this summer, and as of January 2011 I have a great deal of work ahead of me to get fitter and lighter.  I encourage you to look at the Livingstone Tanzania Trust website to see why I am doing all this.
None of the money I raise goes on the expenses I will incur on this challenge, but if anyone wants to be a corporate sponsor of the whole event, please let me know.

As if this challenge was not enough, I also have to find a job that pays, so if anyone wants to employ me ...

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