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Count The Kicks

About Count The Kicks
Chloe’s “Count the Kicks” Campaign want to raise awareness of the risks surrounding later stages of pregnancy, we also want to empower expectant Mums to take responsibility of their own health and care and that of their unborn babies. We want to ensure expectant Mums work with their midwives and health care providers by being aware of the risks they could face during pregnancy and birth, and by being aware of their baby’s movements and development. We want to ensure every expectant Mum has the confidence to call for advice if they are worried at all.
  • 6500 babies are stillborn or die within minutes of birth throughout the UK each year…
  • That’s 17 families who suffer the devastating loss of their babies every day!
Help Beat The Taboo!

This statistic is SHOCKING because no one discusses the subject, this should not be the case. If you are expecting a baby this campaign should not scare you, it should just make you aware, things are not always easy, but that is what motherhood is all about – You are already a Mum! When we enter into pregnancy we are instantly informed of many risks we could face throughout pregnancy, such as eating soft cheese, cat litter, having hot baths… Yet no one mentions the risks of Stillbirth and the importance of baby’s movements. As soon as your baby arrives you will be warned about Cot Death and SIDS, you will be paranoid about room temperatures and sleep positions, you will constantly listen for the baby monitor. But while you are pregnant, no one warns you of the risks they are facing right now, and how simple it is to be aware of this. Motherhood IS a worrying time, you will worry about your baby for the rest of your life, why should now be any different?

By reading this website and researching the risks you face, you are ensuring you are doing everything in your power to recognise and ensure any problems are dealt with quickly. Through our website you will learn of many options available to you, and also we will give you confidence to speak up and ask the questions you may be too scared to ask. As a result you will start motherhood the way you want to go on – Aware and empowered!

Public awareness campaigns do work; look at the success of the Cot death (SIDS) and Meningitis awareness campaigns.

We need to raise public awareness of the statistics surrounding late miscarriage, Stillbirth and neonatal death to try to reduce the 6500 deaths that are caused each year in the UK.

Andrew's Fundraising Story

Andrew is part of the team cycling from London to Paris within 24 hours!! Epic I know.  I'm not alone in this epic adventure, I will be cycling with a small group who will be raising money for their own causes. Most of my training was done last year where I cycled more than 1500 miles within a year. I am trying to fit some core training into my busy lifestyle of cooking, policing and having a family.

My chosen charity is "count the kicks"

To help Andrew raise money for Count the Kicks, Click here.